Monday, March 21, 2011

Cabinet Hardware and Barn Update

The cabinet hardware I ordered came in!  We are going with oil rubbed bronze finishes for the metal in the house.  This wasn't really a decision, it just sort of happened.  We found lights we liked  for over the island - the finish they came in was oil rubbed bronze.  The kitchen sink faucet we looked at - oil rubbed bronze.  The upstairs bathroom towel bar and toilet paper holder that we are now going to keep - just happen to be oil rubbed bronze.  So, when it came time for the cabinet jewelry, we had to go with - oil rubbed bronze. 

The hinges are wrap style, butt hinges - the wrap part will give a little extra support for the doors and the "butt" means that the hinge pin butts out from between the door frame and the cabinet face. 
The knobs are 1 and a 1/4" round and they are heavy.  I love how they feel, that weight, like a good solid foundation for us in this house, something that will last for years and years and years.

We also were able to get the locks off of the chicken coop and the double barn doors this past weekend, with the help of my Uncle's bolt cutters.  My sister scooped up a few treasures and I found a couple projects.  But the best news is that Nate is now completely on board with SAVING THE BARN! It's going to be a big project it needs to be straightened, reinforced, and have the foundation fixed or replaced, and that's just to keep it standing.  My hopes to turn it into a great get-together space will be many years in the making...

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  1. the jewels are lovely;)
    and I am so excited for you about the barn! photos please!!