Monday, January 9, 2012

"that's pretty fun!"

Shouts our "I'm going to be thwee in four months mommy" son.  He's just discovered that if he puts his thumb over the bathtub spout that the water will spray EVERYWHERE.  He's still dwarfed in the claw foot tub that we inherited when we bought this house.  The clawfoot tub that is "up on blocks" because it wouldn't drain and we haven't tackled the complete bathroom reno that is needed to really fix it right.  Charlie doesn't care, he can spray water with just his thumb, even his beloved Batman can't do that.  That bathroom reno probably won't happen for awhile.  We still have a kitchen to trim. And a seemingly always growing list of To-dos that are the ideas we have to make this house our home and try our hand at a little life in the country. So, here we go.  I'm starting again.  The reason for this blog is because we want to share those ideas and what it takes to go from our dreams to our reality.  I hope through most of the adventures we'll all be shouting "that's pretty fun!"

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  1. hi Katie! I'm so happy to see you blogging again! Sweet, cute Charlie! I loved your comment and what Charlie said!!! Both Dan and I went... awwwwwww!
    "To Do" lists are permanent things when you own a house- there's always something to do. isn't there?! I hope you'll be showing photos of your projects. I would love to see how the kitchen is coming along.

    hugs to you and Charlie!